Chef Cody Storts:

If you’ve not yet heard the name Cody Storts being whispered in certain epicurean circles, it’s only because he’s been keeping stealth, building his empire slowly from the ground up. After employment as a bartender at Stubrik’s and various restaurant management positions in and around town, this long-time Fullerton resident came to the realization that front of the house just wasn’t his mission in life.

Polishing his acumen and technique at the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu in Los Angeles, Chef Cody has since been making great strides and flourishes as somewhat of a Kitchen Ninja. Mounting a campaign to push the boundaries, he scoffs at the challenge of utilizing exotic ingredients or executing unorthodox pairings. His high-kicking conventions, limitless energy and passionate drive enable him to concurrently head the culinary teams at The Lime TruckLamroN Catering and Bourbon Street.

Courtesy of Corky Nepomuceno, Fullerton Foundry

Next up for this culinary ninja is revamping the menu at Fullerton's newest hotspot, Hopscotch Tavern.  Check out Hopscotch for Chef Cody's next beer pairing dinner and in the meantime head over to try dishes like lamb belly stroganoff, veal fryes, and blue crab tots among others.

Guaranteed not to suck. 
Cody Storts
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